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Every day, our face shares our story with the world. Whether we are looking in the mirror or into the eyes of someone else, our face carries the thoughts and feelings of our past, present and future. Is your face open and receptive or tired, closed and drawn? Our face is our witness and our communicator.

Every day we greet ourselves in the mirror. What do you see? And then what do you say both out loud or internally to your observations? Do you criticize yourself? Do you notice the bags or dark circles under your eyes, a pimple on your chin or a wrinkle on your forehead? Is it a double chin or an old or new scar that draws your attention?

Each of these observations means something but what is really interesting is that our face follows our lead. When we continually put ourselves down our face wears that point of view. It tells others that we don’t believe in ourselves, or that we are not enough. It reveals our deepest secrets. It conveys our perceptions as well as our hopes, dreams, fears and concerns. Our face tells a whole story.

The fascinating thing is that our face continues to change as we grow and evolve. If we have to hold on to old hurts and pain, our face will carry our sorrow. If we decide to embrace life with joy and enthusiasm our face will carry that glow of delight. There are many features on our face, some seemingly attractive and some not . It is our perception of our selves and the world around us that influences our looks and enables us to realize beauty.


*Bags under the eyes can indicate that the person is carrying some extra emotional baggage.

*Dark circles represent a shadow or sorrow one may be experiencing.

*Any puffiness is usually associated with unexpressed emotions.

*Double chin denotes a feeling of scarcity, as thought there is not enough. (left over from childhood)

*Pimples pertain to temporary problems and the regulation of hormones.

*Scars, each one is specific to the incident. The incident itself carries the learning experience. If the scar is still red then the situation is still inflamed.

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