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Based on the Ruthie Pipper method. Althought the Japanese word "ashiatsu" is used in the trade name, the technique Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy and its application are very different. ASHI means foot and ATSU means pressure.. So together symbolize foot pressure. only a few forms of barefoot massage use the hands above the head. The roots of Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy came first from the Philippines and then from India. This american adaptation has become truly a western phenomenon.

Our application of this barefoot massage technique uses deep compression effleurage strokes that glide over the body. Bars are used above the head for balance and lubricant is essential for its purest application.We combine flowing centrifugal and centripetal force and also incorporate push, pull, pumping effleurage movements. The results relieve symptoms of chronic soft tissue and in some cases when we're lucky, a structural change occurs. This therapy can be very relaxing yet participation of the client is required sometimes, as when we need to move arms or legs to provide the strokes.  

As with any other massage therapy there are some contraindications:

(please make your therapist aware if any of these applies to you)

*Pregnancy or planning on getting pregnant.

*Recent surgery to the upper body including breast implants, plastic surgery.

*Osteoporosis (we will procede with caution)

*People on blood thinning medications or medications that inhibit sensation.

*Skin ulcerations or fungal infections.


*Recent imjuries.

*Uncontrolled high blood pressure or diabetes

*Any rods, screws or other "hardware" in the body. (we will procede with caution on these areas or not touch at all).

**Very little drapping is used on this technique to help therapist to apply the correct gliding of the feet. So please consider you will be covered with just a towel or a sarong.

You have the choice to use underwear or swimming suit (In this case we will not use any cover-unless you get cold) We try to keep room temperature to a very warm 79 or 80 degress for your comfort.

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