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Ta Suay Restorative Herbal PoulticeAdvanced Facial massage Contour & Lift

Let yourself be pampered and rejuvenated with this amazing facial massage that reduces puffiness, combats fines lines, dark circles and provides immediate results for an overall facial and brow lift. A warm herbal compress filled with a blend of organic botanicals is used to soothe and nourish the facial muscles and delicate eye area. It is combined with an Eastern blend of acupressure, lymphatic drainage and our signature Thai Wai Aromatherapy Sculpting Massage to further reduce swelling, relieve sinuses, thin, sculpt, detoxify and improve nutrition to the skin.A natural Thai White Clay mask is applied to hydrate, tighten and refresh tired eyes while your eyes relax under an aromatherapy herbal cushion. The treatment finishes with our signature Thai Wai Aromatherapy Sculpting Massage.

**Herbal Poultice: Dried Organic herbs are wrapped in muslim, steamed and applied directly to the face and eye area using a variety of specialized techniques. The intensity of the massage is adjusted from light (lymphatic drainage) to added pressure (muscle memory) and application of heat (stimulate circulation/soothe muscles) to achieve an overall lift, contour, detox and increased nutrition & oxygenation to the skin. Particular attention is paid to function of the facial muscles and lymphatic pathways.

Rossie Skin Care

220 Sandy Springs Place Ste B

Cell: 404-455-6828

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