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Our bodies tell a great story. If you look closely and with loving interest your body will speak to you. It has the ability to relay vital information about your soul’s purpose as well as your hopes and wishes, fears and sorrows. It is our very own map. Similar to a Geiger counter, our bodies lead us toward our hidden treasures. They tell us what is happening in our inner world.

When we look at our bodies with love and interest we can discover a wealth of information. Many of us are unaware of the way we stand or hold our body. It is actually a rarity to see someone who stands equally on their two feet. Most people tend to put more weight on one foot which unconsciously produces a feeling of instability. By adjusting our stance to one of equal balance, we immediate send a message to ourselves and others that we are strong and secure.

Hunching and poor posture is another popular occurrence. Many people tend to restrict their bodies from flowing naturally. This actually makes us look smaller. Animals do this when they want to be submissive. It is a defense mechanism and relays a message of fear and insecurity. It is difficult to feel free when the body is reflecting a constrictive mode. If you want to feel free allow your body to move and your arms to swing. Give yourself enough space. Try not to squeeze the armpits or hold the arms too closely against the body. When we allow ourselves the opportunity to take up room we send a message that we are enough and that our presence matters.

When we pull our shoulders forward we close our heart center. Take a moment and look in the mirror to see if you can observe what happens when you pull your shoulders forward. When a person is carrying hurt or grief there is tendency to pull in and try to hide and protect the heart center. Emotions need to emote and are not meant to block our heart’s expressive nature. When we relax our shoulders and consciously allow our chest to expand in a natural manner, we become more connected to our true feelings. This gives us the opportunity to process and then release hurt and grief in an appropriate manner.

Crossing our arms in front of the chest is another common habit. This practice restricts our ability to be open and receptive. In fact there have been studies showing that people in a classroom situation with arms crossed are not able to absorb or retain as much information as those that were sitting with their arms in a natural manner. We separate ourselves from others and initiate a feeling of defensiveness by crossing our arms and legs. If we listen to our body, it will tell us what we need to know.

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