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Your body can rejuvenate and heal itself if given the chance with the help of your Immune System. Our food intake is our most important line of defense. Toxicity creates or worsens a lot of diseases like Fibromyalgia, Cancer, Diabetes I & II , Autism. Acidity in your body will make you more prompt to get sick. What is the solution? … Alkaline food, found mostly on green leafy vegetables and fruits (organic is the best …if possible) Mother Nature has the best store for us, we just have to keep our ears and eyes opened , and have the will to change our bad eating habits.

Did you know that making a little smoothie of fruits and vegetables could make a big difference on how you feel during the day? Try instead of drinking coffee and eating doughnouts in the morning a healthier choice like a fruit or vegetable smoothie, it will make you feel happier, lighter, regular and ready to go.

Did you know that SWISS CHARD could help regulate the blood sugar ? If you are a Diabetic, try to include this vegetable in your diet.

Here are some examples of fruits and vegetables that you can buy in your regular supermarket to help you start a healthier way of living. If you do not like to eat them please try to blend them in a good blender, make a little research on the best one in the market, is the best money that you will ever spend in your life.

1. Swiss Chard: Helps to regulate your insulin levels . Eat the whole leave, stem and all.

2. Bitter melon: Good also for diabetics.

3. Okra: Great for your heart

4. Avocado: Including the seed !!! Yes … put it in your blender when you make your smoothie. Great for your Heart. Good cholesterol.

5. Celery: 6 stalks per day will help to lower your cholesterol levels

6. Beets: Miracle healer. For your heart, anticancer defense.

7. Mint : great for asthma and digestion.

8. Cilantro: helps to eliminate the mercury from your body

9. Strawberry: anticancer, immune system.

10. Raw corn kernel: Brain food and your eyes

11. Oatmeal: Helps with Cholesterol

12. Ginger : Digestive system, nausea, immune system, pain and inflammation

13. Apple Fuji: all core and seeds , for immune system

14. Pineapple: anti tumor, inflammation.

15. Cucumber: Great alkaline producer. Acid regulator. Helps with osteoporosis. Good for the skin also

16. Goji Berries: For Eye sight, emphysema, for energy.

Here is a sample for your morning smoothie:

Healthy Smoothy

2 ½ c. distilled water

8 oz organic strawberries **

1 ear corn cut from cob (raw)

1 avocado w/seed

1 small basil top w/stem

2 fresh mint tops w/stem

3 nodes fresh cilantro

½ inch of Rosemary1 oz of Goji berries ( “Heavy Mountain brand” *

½ small red beet

½ organic cucumber

½ Fuji apple w/seeds

½ lime w/pit

Stevia if you like some more sweetness but not necessary

Live food for your cells !

**If you can’t find organic fruits or veggies or if it’s too expensive, make sure to wash them very good and use the Veggie Wash spray.These are just suggestions from my own experience, but if you want to know more about it, please go to nd it real good in a good blender and enjoy…Salud!! Yumm


Got high blood pressure? Eat 6 stalks of celery each day and you can kiss it goodbye. Chinesemedicine has used celery to lower blood pressure thousands of years. Itcontains active compounds called pthalides, which can help relax the musclesaround arteries and allow the vessels to dilate. With more space inside thearteries, the blood can flow at a lower pressure. Pthalides also reduce stresshormones and help people to become more yin. Celery is high in organic sodium, butit would take over 30 stalks to more than the RDA of sodium for one day. Inother words, people concerned in getting too much sodium need not worry aboutcelery. The leaves of celery reportedly have been shown to help the endocrine system so eat the leaves in addition to thestalk. Buy organic celery, because it’s one of the highest foods with pesticideresidue that can’t be washed of. (Info from Conquering Any Disease by Jeff Primack)


Normal grapes area waste of time, but muscadine are oh so fine. Resveratrol in grape skin is thecompound in red wine that everyone knows prevents heart disease. The problem with grapes is that most have lost their potent, mighty seed. This is the seed that God has commanded us to eat inGenesis. Muscadine grapes are seasonal,like pomelo, so buy them whenever you see them. They usually have 3 large seedsin each grape and a skin that is 4 times thicker than regular grapes. It istruly another enigma fruit that is here on this earth for healing. It isexceptionally good for heart disease. An unpublished study Sep 2006 discovered a compound in “grape seed extract” that reduces damage to blood vessels walls by 85% according tofindings presented at a biological conference on oxidative stress in Santa Barbara. Hardening of arteries begins with oxidative stress, leading to inflammation &ultimately damages the arterial walls. Grape seed extract is a potentanti-inflammatory compound, but forget about the extract, blend and get thereal deal! (Info from book Conquering Any Disease by Jeff Primack)

Ginger is a perfect herb for many symptoms of colds and the flu.

Fever: In the beginning stages of a fever when you feel cold and are shivering, a strong ginger tea is a great way to help your body warm up. In herbalism we call this a stimulating diaphoretic.

Congestion: Ginger keeps mucous flowing and can break up thick congested mucous in the sinuses and lungs. We call this a stimulating expectorant.

Sore Throat: Ginger is antimicrobial and pain relieving. Taken as a tea or as an infused honey it soothes painful sore throats.

Coughs: I recently came down with a cold and I was coughing nonstop especially at night when I laid down to sleep. I found that by sucking on a ginger candy it quelled my cough and relieved my sore throat, and I was soon sleeping peacefully.

Ginger candy can bring welcome relief for colds and the flu or even motion sickness but is also a sweet and spicy treat.

**If you can’t find organic fruits or veggies or if it’s too expensive, make sure to wash them very good and use the Veggie Wash spray.

These are just suggestions from my own experience, but if you want to know more about it, please go to

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