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How to give yourself an organic facial

The Organic Facial Spa Ritual

A step by step guide on how to give yourself a basic organic facial at home in between your Professional facial visits.

Step 1 – Cleanse

Gently press the face with a warm (never hot), soft cleansing cloth to open pores and soften the surfaceof the skin cells. Apply one or two pumps of Miessence Cleanser to the palm of your hand and massage gently into the face and neck. Remove gently with water and soft cloth or cotton pads. If wearing make-up, a second cleanse is necessary. (First one to remove makeup, the second to cleanse the skin). (180 applications per bottle @ 3 pumps per application)

Step 2 – Exfoliate

Squeeze a small amount of exfoliant onto fingertips and GENTLY massage onto damp skin using asmall circular motion, paying particular attention to T-zone if necessary. You can do this at least once a week and twice if your skin is oily (25 applications @ 1 teaspoonper application)

Step 3 - Mask

What you need: - Small ceramic/ glass bowl

- Fan brush/ artistic brush/ pastry brush

- Cleansing cloths

- Bowl of warm water

Using the ceramic or glass bowl, make a smooth paste by mixing 1 tsp of purified water with 1 heaped tsp of mask powder. Stir to form a smooth paste and smooth a generous amount of mask onto the face and neck using the fan/ artistic brush. Lie down with your feet up and relax for 10-15 minutes, until mask is almost dry. Rinse off with plenty of tepid water and use the cleansing pads to wipe off the mask. You can do this once a week. (20 applications @ 1 teaspoon per application.)

Step 4 – Skin Conditioner (Toner)

What you need: - Only your hands 

On clean moist skin, massage 2 to 3 pumps of conditioner gently onto face, throat and décolleté, to bring back your skin to the normal PH acid level and form a base for your moisturizer. Leave for a few seconds to absorb into skin before moisturising. (200 applications @ 3 pumps per application

Step 5 – Moisturize

What you need: - Only your hands

Apply one to two pumps of your moisturizer to the palm of your hand and warm to skin temperature. Pat and press gently onto your face, throat and décolleté. (130 applications @ 2 pumps per application). This step creates a protective barrier against free radicals and moisture loss (one of the main causes of wrinkles). The special ingredients in our unique organic base has demonstrated significant and lasting effects on skin hydration and smoothness, and has been shown to actively restore and strengthen damaged skin.

 Step 6 – Serums

What you need: - Only your hands

To use the Firming Eye and Neck Serum, pump a few drops into the palm of the hand, then using one finger, pat and smooth around the total eye area (from outer to inner eye), then gently pat and press remainder of concentrate onto throat and décolleté.


Serums lock in moisture and intensively nourish the skin.

Rejuvenessence Facial Serum protects the skin and helps regenerate and revitalise the complexion, especially in extreme heat, cold or windy conditions.

Firming Eye and Neck Serum smoothes, tones and firms around the eyes and neck, diminishing the appearance of crow's feet, visible fine lines and wrinkles.


Saturated with water-soluble botanicals present in the petals, rosewater has many uses. Spray over make-up for a dewy complexion. Perfect for rehydrating and invigorating your skin. Perfect for airconditioned environments, such as offices and aircraft.

Skin Conditioner

Skin Conditioning is a vital step in the Miessence skincare regime! Conditioning has a twofold purpose: firstly, to feed the skin with nutrients in the water-soluble botanicals, organic herbs, vitamins and essential oils, and secondly, to provide a hydration base for the moisturizer to lock in.

Note: There are other products that can be added to your regimen. It all depends on your skin needs - but steps 1-5 are the basic steps.

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