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Aypa: The Story  
Millenary cultures are an endless source of inspiration to help preserve, respect and get in harmony with Nature. An important cultural heritage from the ancient Andean Inca civilization is the knowledge about the way in which they cultivated the land. They respectfully developed ecological methods of single sowing and successfully grew more than 4400 native plants with great healing and health-promoting properties. Aypa is the result of intense and elaborate research and development. Its founder was inspired by the ecological traditions of her native Peru. Backed up by her professional experience of more than 10 years in the international cosmetics industry, she is determined to share the ancient knowledge of the Andean culture with the contemporary society through the richness of its nature. Assisted by the best researchers in Peru and Europe,  and with the help of a distinguished technical product developer and an important Spanish cosmetics laboratory,  Aypa created “Mystic Inka Treatment”: an authentic ritual of well-being that reveals the power and the secret of native plants from the Andes. A treatment that from now on converts itself into the symbol of the
Aypa: The Philosophy
In the heart of the Peruvian Andes, between mystical mountains with vibrant energies, lies the most valuable       legacy of the Andean culture: its Cosmovision. The Andean worldview conceives the world as a whole and respects the universal principles that integrate human beings into Mother Nature, inspiring them to live a balanced life and act respectfully toward Earth. Through different rituals and acts of reciprocity with nature, the Andean people preserve their identity, take care of the environment and create well being, living in perfect harmony with the energies that flow in the universe. 
◊ ◊ ◊ mystic inka ritual Peru
"Mama pachapi llapanmi kawsay; sapa imapas kawsayllam" (Quechua) In nature all is alive; each element is energy.
Aypa introduces an innovative and exclusive treatment based on the ancestral knowledge of the Andean Inca culture.
 Mystic Inka Treatment: This elaborate ritual reveals the power and secret of native plants from the Peruvian Andes that have millenary properties and are ecologically cultivated.  Embark  on a mystic and relaxing journey to the heart of the Andean tradition, where a magic and profound connection with nature awakens all the senses.
Purify: Purple Corn Exfoliant: In the Andean purification rituals, native plants are used to remove the negative charge from the body. This charge is “handed over” to Earth, which transforms it into positive energy.  Relive an Andean purification ritual with the Purple Corn Antioxidant Body Exfoliant.  With the help of a draining massage, it removes impurities of the skin, leaving it soft and luminous with a refreshing and soothing scent thanks to the Andean Muña plant.
Energize: Lucuma Warming Body Mask: According to ancient Andean traditions, the hands are an extension of the heart, the place where the soul resides. Energy is transmitted through our hands. Therefore, the hands are considered healing
instruments.  Experience a magical sensation of well-being with the creamy Lucuma Warming Body Mask, an exclusive back treatment.  Its pleasant warming effect combined with a soft revitalizing massage transmits energy to the body, relaxes the muscles and relieves tensions.  The skin remains oxygenated, luminous and reveals a sweet enchanting aroma.
Regenerate: Sacha Inchi: In the Andean culture, a natural way of achieving physical, mental and spiritual well-being is channelling  the energy from the cosmos toward the body. Feel this energy and let it flow through your body with the  Sacha Inchi Body Oil. A luxurious and quickly absorbed concentrated vegetal oil with a light texture. Through a harmonizing massage the energy centres of the body are balanced, while at a physical level it regenerates and hydrates the skin. Its exotic natural aroma provokes a sensation of complete well-being.
Nourish: Quinoa Nourishing Body Cream: For the Andean people, the creation of ties between humanity and nature is part of a ritual of reciprocity: nature feeds mankind, and the people look after it.  Let the Andean nature feed your skin with the rich Quinoa Nourishing Body Cream. With the help of a penetrating massage,  it deeply nourishes the skin and strengthens its cells. Softness and vitality, with a refreshing and woody aroma based on the Andean essence of Palo Santo..


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Quinoa Nourishing Body Cream: For the Andean people, the creation of ties between humanity and nature is part of a ritual of reciprocity

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Aypa is the result of intense and elaborate research and development.

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Aypa has made a selection of cultivated plants respecting the production methods of ecological agriculture. This is the basic principle for the elaboration of the products,thanks for this.
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They respectfully developed ecological methods of single sowing and successfully grew more than 4400 native plants with great healing and health-promoting properties.
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Its founder was inspired by the ecological traditions of her native Peru.
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