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Reflexology is a holistic science  using  the feet as a mini-map or microcosm of the body. It is a natural, non-invasive  treatment, stimulating  reflex  areas in the feet that correspond  to our organs, glands and body parts. The body  has  thousands of nerve endings in the feet - approximately  7,200.  By stimulating  these reflex areas through a type of compression massage, the therapist  is able  to clear energy channels and allow the body’s  own healing energy to flow unimpeded.  The goal of Reflexology  is to assist the body  to return  to a state of balance.
*Reflexology relieves  stress and tension  via the Nervous and Endocrine Systems
*Stimulates and improves the nerve and blood supply throughout  the body
*Assists the body  to achieve homeoastasis and balance.
*Assist the body in detoxification.
*It feels good.
There are certain  connections between  some of the internal organs in the body.
For example:
ORGAN                                             EMOTIONS/ATTITUDES
Lung/Large intestine                          Grief and sadness. Possesiveness is the
                                                           principal cause of grief and results in  all kinds of accumulations such as 
 cysts and tumors.
Heart/Small Intestine                         Trying too hard, pretending  you are OK when you
                                                            are really not.  
Stomach/Spleen                                  Worry is payment on a debt never owed. Obsession,
                                                           Thinking  too much, overanalyzing.
Gallbladder/Liver                              Anger, resentment, bitter frustration.        
Kidney/Bladder                                 Fear.
Umbillicus/Diaphragm                    This is your Hara. The  Vital centre of the self, the focus of existence. Combination
of all emotions.
                                                           Fear of death.
There are  just  a few contra-indications for  Reflexology:
Warts, Athletes foot, fungal infection.
Pregnancy (First and last trimester)
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