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 IS YOUR BODY TRYING TO TELL YOU                 SOMETHING?                                                    
Here is how to tell
If You Have…                         Then you need more…
Cold hands                                           Magnesium
White spots on nails                            Zinc
Soft and brittle nails                          Magnesium
Bleeding gums                                      Vitamin C
Thyroid swelling                                   Iodine
High Blood Pressure                            Magnesium
                                                          & Coenzyme Q10
“chicken”skin on upper arms                Essential fatty acids
Red scaly skin on face                          Vit. B2
Premature Gray hair                            Vit. B12
Dermatitis around nose                        Vit B6
Sugar cravings                                    Chromiun
Muscle cramps                                    Magnesium
Frequent colds                                   Zinc & Vit C
Dry eyes                                             Vit. A
Night blindness                                  Zinc & Vit A
Shaking hands                                      Magnesium & Vit B1
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome                      Vit. B6
Reduced smell and taste                        Zinc
Hair loss                                Biotin, Zinc and Essential fatty acids
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